Your own personal serenade,
just for you and your loved ones

Make 'em Smile

Book a short, personalized, virtual performance (live or  pre-recoreded video!) as a gift for your friends and family.

Call it a singing telegram, call it a serenade, call it a pop-up poetry reading. A Musegram is a sweet surprise that brings joy and creates lasting memories. And when you do, you’ll be supporting artists (aka the Muses) who have talent to spare.

What can you do with a Musegram?

Give a gift that shows you care:

Your mom’s favorite tunes for Mother’s Day. Your grandparents’ wedding song for their anniversary. A love poem for your sweetheart. A dance-along Zoom party with friends. A bit of cheer for a loved one who’s been sick.

You can give any of these with a Musegram. The best gifts are experiences, not things.

“He provided an amazing experience! His voice and presence were uplifting and inspiring.”

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“Emily and Faisal's singing was just lovely. I was completely touched. I hate people fussing over me, so they just played and simply said happy bday. Best birthday present”

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“Beautiful voice; warm, pleasant personality; even though it was a surprise party, she helped me feel comfortable. It was a very touching, meaningful experience for me.”

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For Performers

Nothing beats performing on the stage. But in these difficult times, we want to give you an outlet for your talent that is as rewarding for you as for the audience. You can perform as little or as much as you want, and make money doing what you love. We’re looking for singers, instrumentalists, poets, hip hop artists, storytellers, actors, comedians, magicians, and more who love connecting with audiences and seeing the joy, surprise, and solace that their performance brings.

Excited yet?

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